Wild crafted herbs are plants gathered to be used as food or medicine, directly from their natural wild habitat such as forests, fields and undeveloped areas of land. They are unadulterated by chemicals such as fertilizers and pesticides. This method of gathering medicinal herbs has been traditionally used throughout human history.

In indigenous societies, “medicine people” were often in charge of herb gathering. Part of the process involved honoring the "spirit essence" of the plant. Great respect and care were taken to allow the plant to reseed itself so it would continue to grow in its natural area. Today, unfortunately, there are those who recognize the market value of a particular plant, and irresponsibly gather all that they can, effectively wiping out the species in a given area.“Responsible Wildcrafting” recognizes the age-old standards of protecting naturally growing herbs by preventing over-harvesting, and by taking care to maintain natural areas to promote future growth.

Woodstock Herbal Products deals exclusively with Responsible Wildcrafters.

At Woodstock Herbal Products, we recognize the fruitful gifts of the good earth; this governs our ethics and moral standards in all stages of production. From sourcing wildcrafted herbs through analytical testing and manufacturing, we pride ourselves on being able to yield a high quality product in a naturally responsible manner.