1. Rooted in tradition

Woodstock Herbal Products are made using traditional herbal tincturing
methods that have been used and trusted for hundreds, if not thousands
of years and which have been brought into the modern era by
influential authors and healers.

2.  Science

Woodstock Herbal Products applies state-of-the-art scientific testing to
all of our products beginning with the raw, whole herbs we buy from
trusted suppliers to the finished formulas you see on store shelves. In
the herb trade, raw materials can be tricky: sometimes two species of
plant closely resemble each other in appearance, taste and scent. Only
conclusive scientific testing can assure that each herb is what it should
be and is free of adulteration. Woodstock Herbal Products applies the
latest scientific methods to assure the potency, purity and safety of all
our ingredients and finished products.

3. Cold processing

Woodstock Herbal Products are made from traditional tinctures that
are never subjected to excessive heat. Many manufacturers, including
some that claim to use traditional methods, actually boil and/or scald
the herbs as tinctures are made, thereby breaking down and destroying
compounds intrinsic to the herbs. Woodstock Herbal Products processes
its herbs at a comfortable room temperature, ages the tinctures at
room temperature, then makes extracts and compounds its formulas, all
without damaging heat.

4. Ingredient integrity

Woodstock Herbal Products is committed to truth in labeling. All our
ingredients lists and Supplement Facts panels are accurate, comply with
regulatory standards, and employ descriptions of ingredients that are
both understandable to consumers and truthful. Other manufacturers
may misrepresent key ingredients to imply their product is something
greater than it is, for instance, some makers mislabel White Asian ginseng
as “Korean Ginseng” to imply they are using the more desirable red
ginseng, traditionally made in North Korea. Woodstock Herbal Products
uses the superior and more costly Red Asian Ginseng, which does come
from China, since trade with North Korea is a bit difficult at this time.

5. Hand-crafted in small batches

At Woodstock Herbal Products, each single herb tincture and each compounded
formula is hand-crafted by an experienced, discerning craftsmen,
committed to quality products without compromise. Many of our
tincture batches are a mere 7 kilograms (15 lbs). All herbs are put up to
age in batch sizes of less than 50 liters (13 gallons).

6. Certified Vegan

Woodstock Herbal Products formulas are Certified Vegan by the trusted
non-profit, Vegan Action. All our ingredients and products are crueltyfree
and consist entirely of plant ingredients, so customers may rest assured
that our products are unsullied by needless and potentially harmful
animal byproducts.

7. Gluten-free

Woodstock Herbal Products are made entirely from gluten-free ingredients.
Further, each of our single herb tinctures used in our formulas has
been tested to assure they are entirely gluten-free and have not been contaminated
with gluten from other ingredients or production equipment.

8. Kosher

Woodstock Herbal Products are certified Kosher and always will be. We
are committed to assuring that all of our ingredients, facilities, production
equipment and finished products meet this important standard.
Our products are certified Kosher by the trusted, independent KOF-K.

9. Experience matters

The small staff of Woodstock Herbal Products has a combined total of
over 43 years of experience in the craft of providing herbal supplements.
Our partners in production, Bio-Botanica, which provides our production
facility and other invaluable assistance and guidance, has been producing
herbal products for over 40 years.

10. Certified GMP

Woodstock Herbal Products are made in an F.D.A. inspected production
facility that complies with all current Good Manufacturing Practices
(CGMP). Production facilities that meet or exceed CGMP standards
is not only the law, it’s a good idea. This helps us assure that all of
our commitments to ingredient integrity, truth in labeling and product
safety are upheld.